2015 Fruita Singletrack: Day 2


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There were maybe a few drops of rain at some point early in the morning, but it’s dry by the time I roll out of the tent. The weather is still slightly unsettled, but nothing threatening.

ah… cowboy coffee. Is that made out of real cowboys? Then french toast and BACON for breffast.


Make lunch, pack up, take the tent down. Laugh at myself rolling my wheelie bag on the dirt road back to the van.

Saddle up and roll out. More moto trail, in some places they’ve made multiple tracks but it all ends up back together again. Pokey tumbleweeds have drifted across the trail in a few spots, Josh stops and clears them away. You don’t want to ride through those.

P1120322 P1120311

Fun flowy trail, still on top of the mesa, so more great views too. Regroup at a trail junction, get a reminder Don’t Bust the Crust. Stay on the established trail, don’t break up the web of microorganisms that holds the soil together.

There’s a little out and back, which doesn’t seem completely intentional. Not like we’re lost, but did you mean to do that? Yes, I’m a guide. I take you to great views and make you enjoy them. Right.


Screamin’ descent off the mesa, reversing our elevation gain up the camp at the end of the day yesterday. Oh that was fun! Let’s go up and do it again!

Roll through more movie set/Disneyland no pinch myself THIS IS REAL scenery super fun trail. Regroup at a junction, a couple of racey guys go by. Don’t you people have day jobs?

Up on to another mesa, and there’s the Colorado River! Some unreal green irrigated fields. There’s a couple coming from the other direction as I’m stopped taking pictures. Oh the views just get worse, they tell me.

Colorado River-o-rama

Colorado River-o-rama

P1120358 P1120364

Lunch stop by a big rock. Someone had done PB&J with chips yesterday, that sounded good plus today there’s bacon. Best. Sandwich. Ever!

Lunch stop

Lunch stop



The weather is a bit unsettled, but nice riding temperature. More great trail, and great views. Such the dilemma. Do I just rip the trail? Or enjoy the views? OK, I’ll ride for a bit. Then stop. Then ride, oh wait, that’s cool. Yeah. Well who knows when I’ll be back, and it’s not like we have anything else to do today, so may as well stop and take the pictures.


Go by Castle Rock, that John had pointed out from our lunch view yesterday. Cool!

Castle Rock

Castle Rock

Regroup. Bit more trail. Trailhead and someone is headed out. Looking very minimally prepared for any potential Weather. Alrighty have fun with that.

Some dirt road. Oh, snake! Carry on. And a turn and is it going to be some more climbing No it’s camp already. What?! That was kinda sudden like. For some reason – not necessarily any good one – but I thought we had a ways more to go. Huh.


Alrighty then. This campground is a bit more developed than where we stayed last night, so there’s little pads for setting up tents. Nice. Cindy is over in another section, so I enlist Jeremy as a tent set-up buddy. I’ll help you with yours if you help me with mine.

Ah, and out of the sweaty clothes, and have a drink, and sit outside and read some. Some sprinkles. A little more. Hang out in my tent. It breaks up a bit. Try the outside thing again. We go for a walk down the road. End up at the highway, it looks kinda like where we started yesterday, but not quite. (Turns out it was across the highway from there.)

There’s a guy at the other end of the campground with a big compound set-up. From a motorcycle and trailer, go figure. He’s got a tent set up by the trailer and a giant tarp over all of it. People are always amazed, I have the smallest rig but the biggest camp. He’s from North Carolina. Well, not today. Been in Colorado now for a bit. Followed a woman, fell in love with the state. He doesn’t say, and we don’t ask, but something in the tone implies the woman part didn’t work out so well. He seems happy about living in Colorado though.

The unsettled is getting a bit more organized in to some rain now. The Germans are in the van playing backgammon. Appetizers are under the ez-up and a tarp rigged between it and the van. Dinner is fajitas. Oh, is that since it’s Cinco de Mayo?

Dessert is brownies. Don correctly. (No nuts.) Discussion of the proper brownie to whipped cream ratio. Is that by weight or volume? Someone explains whip-its to the Germans. Ah, cultural exchange! It’s not just a mountain bike trip, it’s a learning experience!

The rain does let up and we’re able to have a campfire. Well, I suppose we could have had one even if it were raining, but somehow it’s a little nicer to sit around when one isn’t being precipitated on.

I keep thinking about the gear advice I’d gotten when I booked the first trip I did with Western Spirit. One of the items specifically mentioned to bring was rain pants. If you have rain pants you can do anything. I may have to do a broadside of that.

Again, not much from the moon, and with the clouds not so much stars either. But it’s still a beautiful evening, and after enjoying the fire for a while I head to bed. Another splendid day!

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