Grand Valley Books


Bookstore! And not just store of books, but New & Used Rare & Out of Print. Step in the open door, and there’s that whiff of Books books Books words worlds libraries houses top shelves tucked in a corner behind the potted plant wedged under the short leg of a table stacked on a desk with all those other someday I’m going to get to thumb through dog ear lick your finger turn the page reading. It’s not just a business, or a place to work, the people here love.books. One of those could be anywhere but feels like home places.

There’s a couple of seating areas in the front windows, and art on the walls, and some of the display cases have jewelry and some small pottery and other whatnots by local artists for sale. Beautiful sturdy wood bookshelves full of books. Great selection of Colorado and local history, geography, geology, flora and fauna books.

I don’t know if they mean to be amusing or if it’s just the inexorable logistics of the alphabet, but the Humor and Home Improvement sections are next to each other. As are Romance and Inspirational. Gives me a chuckle anyway.


I’ll probably have some time to read this week, but I’m not sure how long my attention span will be. I find a Pam Jackson short story collection, Cowboys Are My Weakness in the Staff Recommendation section. The title was what grabbed me, and it turns out to be quite delicious. They also have a local poets display, and I end up with a couple of books from that as well.

A family comes in with a box of books, the man cheerfully grousing about having to carry it several blocks. I saw a parking spot and figured I’d better take it. I didn’t realize I’d be carrying books! The woman at the counter goes through and says there are some she’ll buy. Do they want credit on their account? The little girl of the family has already picked out another book.

Later a man comes to the counter with several books. One of them he can’t remember if maybe he’s read already. The woman at the counter says she can check his account and see if he’s gotten it.

I love the energy of it, books going around, people reading. Sweet.


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  3. Margie Wilson says:

    Thank you ever so much for your visit to Grand Valley Books. We hope you’ll return again and we invite you to visit us on facebook where I post events held in my store. Thank you for your kind words about my bookstore. It’s the place where I hope to put the right book into the hand of appreciative readers…like you. Best to you always. Margie Wilson, Owner, Grand Valley Books

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