Gelato Junction


Going somewhere new, gotta see what they have in the way of ice cream! Gelato Junction was mentioned on all the pages I looked at that came up from a search on best ice cream in Grand Junction. Although he couldn’t remember the name (duh?), the fellow at the front desk where I was staying also recommended it.

The website said they were closed Sunday, (updated since then with Spring Hours), but just for giggles I called to check, and they were open! Cute store on Main Street, with a few tables out on the sidewalk and an attention grabbing cone that can be seen from a ways away. Yep. That’s where I’m going!


A few more tables inside, and counter coolers. They make both ice cream and gelato, the gelato was in the front, so the first thing I came to, plus, it seemed like with that being the name of the place it would be the thing to get.

Hi, how are you doing?
Well! And about to get better.


I taste the Tiramisu. Yum. Oh! Palisade Peach. Yes!!! I’ve pretty much made up my mind, but I have a taste to confirm. With obvious relish, the server says it’s her favorite. Apparently Palisade is famous for its peaches. She tries to explain to me where it is – sounds like not far – but it doesn’t mean much.

It’s super tasty creamy peachy peachy deliciousness. I continue my stroll down Main Street and enjoy the yumminess. It’s like eating frozen summer. (I mean that in a good way.)


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