that R thing

You may have noticed an (R*) notation after some of my rides. You may even have wondered what that’s all about. Or not. If you’re part of the rando tribe you already know the secret:

The R-12 Award is earned by riding a 200km (or longer) randonneuring event in each of 12 consecutive months. The counting sequence can commence during any month of the year but must continue uninterrupted for another 11 months. – from the RUSA website.

Even though I’ve been riding brevets for a few years now, I haven’t done an R-12. I think maybe I’ve gotten to 3, I’m not really sure. So that’s probably a big part of the reason, that I haven’t really paid attention to it. There’s also the not wanting it to become a chore, or feeling like I have to do certain rides (and maybe not others) to keep the R thing alive.

On the other hand, it is a little external motivation to keep up a certain consistency with the distance riding. And might be a deciding factor for getting one out on the bike, or do rides one might not do otherwise. Which is one of my “goals” this year – new and different rides. So the R12 sorta goes with that.

We are really lucky here in the Bay Area, with SFR, SRCC, Davis and Santa Cruz all hosting brevets. There’s also San Luis and Fresno regions now as well, so lots of events to choose from. I’m also using it as an opportunity to do some permanents, for more new and different!

The big tip I’ve gotten is to just plan for it, and try to get something completed as early in the month as possible, so then it’s done and you don’t have to worry about it.

People I ride with are up to three, five, and more years. There was someone in the last RUSA magazine who’s been at it for 10 years! I’ve heard about some pretty silly things people do to keep it going too, which I don’t think I’ll have any compulsion to do, but then again, I haven’t even gotten to 12!

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