Earlier this year, one of the members flew the CoOP, that is she moved away and so her coming to print at Iota will be on hold until/andif she winters here. Anyway, at the last monthly meeting she was able to come to before she left we had festivities of the sending off variety, and I thought of it in time to print her a card.

(perhaps more sense as in the future, since she hadn't left yet)

(perhaps more sense as in the future, since she hadn’t left yet)

I left it in the shop for everyone to sign after my session, and, a few days later, Eric e-mailed with a compliment and asked, “You just tossed that off?”

just, as an adverb, and I read in (perhaps inferred where not implied) the somewhat diminutizing/only sense, a usage which always makes me ponder on the word

and attempt an answer:
“just” is such an interesting word… I suppose yes it was (relatively) short duration between idea/execution/completion, but then there’s the existence of the shop with everything set up so I can go in and get right to work, and all the delicious type faces to choose from, and then all the previous time I’ve spent printing which makes it possible to have an idea and bring it out onto paper…

so, yes. and no. and yes!

Which reminded me of another “just” – the apocryphal story of some assembly line or complex machinery (saw one version with printing presses, which was apropos) or some such that is malfunctioning and no one in current employ can fix it and the company is or will lose all sorts of money if it’s not up and running. They call in an old-timer, retiree, telling him they will pay anything, they just want it fixed.

It takes him a few minutes of looking around, he turns one screw, and the machinery is happy and running again. The company is not so happy when they get a $10,000 bill… all he did was turn one screw. They ask him to itemize.

His response:
Turning screw: $1.00
Knowing which screw to turn: $9,999.00

So no, it’s not really just just, except when it is. The ponder of whether men and women can be *just* friends. Yeah, there’s a whole episode. Short version, people want to know, if one is a woman and the other is a man (and neither presents as/is assumed or known to be homosexual) as to whether there is a romantic and/or sexual component to the relationship. Ah… “Friends”… wink wink. First of all, as if it’s any of their business, one way or the other.

And, on the other hand – I know that’s not parallel construction, as such, but it keeps things interesting – just?? Just friends? It seems to diminish friendship. Like it’s less than since you aren’t doing certain things together. Wha? Really? No really. To truly be a friend, to have that relationship with another, that is no just.

just sayin’

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