penultimate. what a great word. although I have a recollection of being somewhat surprised by what it actually means the first time I found out and still sometimes have to stop and think about it. the actual meaning that is. and, some would argue, two-bit word for a nickel idea.

so. last (ultimate?) Wednesday of the month. blank mind. Nicolas in front of me. (oh it was only the last one in 18 pt, the others were in 12 pt. huh.) breathe arrive feel the weight of the composing stick in left hand right hand not yet lifted look at the clock time GO

swish of cars passing on 116 click of Pauline setting her type gurgle of my stomach probably too many just one more strawberries smell like summer taste like I don’t know, what does heaven taste like? can a place have a taste? taste like strawberries. like they look red and juicy and sweet.

from Farmer Lao I think that’s what someone said his name was on Highway 12 how does one become a west county strawberry farmer instead of having a water buffalo and rice somewhere in southeast Asia or was he a farmer there? story. I’m sure there is one, but always another customer, big line sometimes the Prii are backing up same greeting to us all I try to remember exact change no, thank you, I don’t need a bag

not unfriendly, but minimalist perhaps that’s where it comes from what to say how much and what are words for, if no one ever really listens?


~ april 2015 (29) ~

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