another poem at the case and although I read the Poem-A-Day like usual in the morning oh I don’t have to don’t want to (?) think about it too much yet but then things started coming out but NO going to set at the case start fresh if that’s even ever really possible but yeah earth day too and the environment here in California anywhere really shapes who we are California women are hard. That cowgirl thing. The dryness.

and I do end up putting a line on at the end that had come to me earlier not at the case and it’s not just that but I don’t really like it, the poem that is. I’m not quite sure why yet. Do you have to like your own poetry? As Katie says, I don’t want to write bad poetry. But not liking it doesn’t mean it’s bad. and of course too liking one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good either.

still trying to find that getting to the end sometimes, that just right spot, as it were. the feelingknowing it’s done and trusting that.


~ april 2015 (22) ~

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