last no?

a bit more type on the galley and I’m to the point I’m feeling about finished anyway how often does that happen? or maybe it’s that I’m starting to wonder if I’m repeating myself here nonoNO just doing the same thing going through the motions getting too comfortable yes get out my little ongoing tub of ink a dollop of that then add in a bit of GOLD shall we all that glitters and then the set up by the numbers make it fast 15 block to 12 put away the odds and ends that don’t seem to fit DONE with that oh hey while I’m in this drawer though my my MY look at that tasty dash apropos of nothing let’s throw that in, shall we? (always takes me aback a bit when people remark on me being quiet. oh if only they knew) and no, it’s never. EXACTLY. the same. even when you think it is. familiar yes but still exciting I just never know how it will turn out the layering thing but enough already. leave some space too and try something else already too. Pauline comes over and takes a peek. Wondering if you’ve gotten to yes.

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