why Hello Nicolas

why Hello Nicolas

Inspired (or reminded?) by Judi’s post – HEY! I could print my poem for the day but that was as far as I got, not really having any ideas from the Poem-a-Day or the NaPoWriMo prompt and feeling like I have nothing to say and so I’m procrastinating, and say as much to Katie, who has been composing at the case lately, and she gives me that nudge encouragement kick in the pants get over yourself. Do it. Start. The words will come. Yes, with a time limit. That external motivation.


and they do. come, that is, the words* Different from writing first and then setting. the letter by letter pace of it focusses and distills, makes me very aware of geez! a k! where are the ks, anyway? I don’t use k too often. hmn. and then a second one. what are the odds of that? my head starts to re-write the second part but no just leave it how it came out at first. out of/just past time anyway.


then just set up the proof press since I’m hoping to get in another round of No as well. quick and dirty just a few – really just need one, if that – although I can’t resist trying a few different color papers


*where do they come from? the words? these in particular. and why? still not sure about that or what it means – if it has to mean anything anyway. I can’t decide which scares me and holds me back more – the thought of feeling like I need someone, or that someone might think they need me.


~ april 2015 (8) ~

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4 Responses to (eight)

  1. judigoldberg says:

    yup composed at the case and printed. and yup you got to just start and damn if the letters don’t just line up in to words

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