Havana’s Living Statues

So much to see in Havana Vieja (Old Havana) but I think we were on this street before and I don’t remember that statue and wait, did it move?! One of those things you almost think you’ve imagined, then you stand and watch long enough, and then someone puts in some coins and yes, that is a person. Amazing how they can be so still for such stretches of time though, and even under scrutiny. And in heavy costumes and make-up – I wondered how long it took to get all outfitted up – in the warm weather. It was particularly fun to watch the young boys with the miner character. Even after seeing him move I don’t think they quite believed he was actually a person, and seemed to be daring each other to see how close they could get. Then there was the contrast of the amount of attention they were getting compared to the actual statues in the area.

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