best everlopes

I’d been thinking to print on the envelopes for the Best Ever cards. Need? Want? Not sure. Does it matter? I used some of the text from the card, and oh there’s Kennerley 48 pt so I used that for EVER, (heh, forever. what a difference a space can make…) and then hmn some type of dingbat or graphic. I looked in the book and for some reason a tree seemed like the thing to do. So then I had all the bits picked out and there was the set up, since it was semi-production I figured I’d give Schneidy (one of the treadle platen presses) a whirl. Got all set up and oops, there wasn’t room for the pins so I had to improvise. Then an adjustment on the spacing and some futzing with the packing. Finally finally the printing.

Treadle one hand feed other hand remove treadle treadle whee oh not too fast oops not lined up stop stop STOP ok here we go again yeah if you did this all the time you could really crank things out there’s a nice rhythm to it and yes just starting to get it and oh through the stack!

New person in the shop, she’s been to a few classes though, and used the same tree. We get to talking about on what, and turns out it was a memorial card for a friend of hers who had passed away. hmn, what are the odds on that?

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