Hello 40!


Not to make anyone (myself included) feel old, but yeah, Hello Kitty was introduced in 1974. So her 40th birthday was actually last year, and I would have had no idea (I like HK but am not fanatic), except that my mom got me this book for Christmas. It’s great fun. I’m not familiar with any of the artists, but, like any tribute, it’s neat to see the variety of people who have been influenced by the tributee. Besides the graphic stories there are some text pages of “What Does HELLO KITTY mean to you?” from the artists, which are some really charming stories.


Funny, I wasn’t in to HK as a kid, and don’t remember anyone who was. Not sure the reason(s) – in to other things, living in a small town, anti-cuteness, too commercial, too too. Well and then there’s the fact that so much HK is pastel pink. (ick) Which may be a good thing actually, since it keeps me from buying more. Even with the color restriction and my trying to not acquire too much Stuff, if I stopped and counted I have more HK things than I’d probably want to admit to. (Not in the realm that adults should be scared to come over to my house though.) And seriously tempted by these, although where would I wear them?


I’m not quite sure when it happened that she became OK to me. That cute isn’t an automatic disqualification. That it’s never too late to be that kid. Maybe the realizing that, as the introduction says, “It’s the simple things that make her happy, like reading, listening to music and eating yummy cookies.” and “When Hello Kitty is around, you know everything’s going to be super fun.” What’s not to like about that?

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