Notes from Codex 2015 – Part 2

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A few more things that caught my eye at Codex:

SHAPE! Gisela Oberbeck was there all the way from Germany with her lovely hand cut paper creations. She had a desk lamp at the table, which made a neat play of light and shadow as she turned the pages of her books. The changes looking through a page alone or through to others was endlessly fascinating.

Gisela Oberbeck

Gisela Oberbeck

Helen Hiebert, a self-described paper engineer, had a bunch of fun pop-ups and handmade paper. The piece in the middle is a wonderful broadside of William Stafford’s The Way It Is, on handmade paper with an embedded string drawing.

Helen Hiebert (yes, her vest is paper!)

Helen Hiebert (yes, her vest is handmade paper!)

I also had to go by and see the Mission Gallery table. They are a wonderful gallery in San Juan Bautista that specializes in prints. If you are ever in (or near – it’s worth going off track for if you have the time) San Juan you MUST go. They had an amazing new book, Rippling Fragrance, with breathtaking color mezzotints by Mikio Watanabe and haiku by Victor Ortiz.

Mission Gallery

Mission Gallery

The Salvage Press had a table right next to Mission Gallery, and I almost walked right by, as nothing particularly grabbed my attention. (Or is that a reason to stop? Rather than going to things that immediately attract me? Expand my horizons, give things a chance, whatever.) There were some broadsides, and books. I don’t remember that any of the books were open, but I asked if it was okay to look at them. The wood type printed in color in The Works of Master Poldy just about knocked me over. You know that thing when you have a physical reaction to how amazing something you’re looking at is. Yeah, that. What is that they say about not judging a book by its cover?

Also lots of good stuff at the REDFOXPRESS table, and that of Peter and Donna Thomas.

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