Sir Francis Drake

Tucked (to the extent you can tuck something thirty feet tall) into a grove of trees on a bend in the road bearing his name, a metal sculpture of Sir Francis Drake strides through Remillard Park toward the Melting Pot (Yes, a fondue restaurant. No, I’ve never been.) The park occupies the strip along the water between the Larkspur Ferry Terminal and San Quentin where the sculpture has been in residence since 1990. The artist is Dennis Patton. More information on the sculpture in the Smithsonian Database. (Who knew the Smithsonian had an online searchable index of American Art?)

It’s neat that you can walk right up to him and all around. It was great to be able to see the sculpture from different angles and enjoy the play of light on the facets and different materials. The contrast of color and finish on the steel and stainless steel was really wonderful. It was late afternoon when I visited, so I got some great shadows and silhouettes against the sun. I particularly liked the view with Mt. Tam in the background.

I had to wonder how many of the people who drive by this location every day know that the sculpture is there. Probably just as well if they are keeping their eyes on the road and haven’t noticed it, but it does remind me of how often amazing things are hidden in plain sight.

If you visit: it’s nice to walk over the bridge from the shopping center at Larkspur Landing. I think they’re calling it Marin County Mart these days. Whatever, there’s a Three Twins location there so you can get an ice cream before or after visiting Sir Francis. Heh, I was going to say Hot Tip, but that’s actually a Cold Tip, isn’t it?

many more pictures

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