Notes from Codex 2015 – Tools

I’d never been to the Codex Book Fair at the previous location in Berkeley; it sounds like with the larger venue at the Craneway Pavilion there’s been an expansion in both the number and type of vendors. That is, there are now tools and materials suppliers. I didn’t make a particular point of visiting those tables, since there wasn’t anything in particular I needed at the moment, and lord knows I’ve got enough piles of “maybe someday I’ll use this for a project” already.


However, in my wanderings I did come across (and away with) a couple of neat items from artists that would be considered as tools. The first was the Daredevil Furniture from Jessica Spring.  For some reason I kept wanting to call it the Devil’s Furniture. Anyway, it allows you to set up type in a circle or on curves and at angles. As soon as I saw it I had to go get Eric, as he’s made all sorts of jigs and fixtures for setting type in unusual ways.


The other thing was the Artist’s Book Ideation Cards, from Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen. There are two decks, one with seven categories, and a second deck of adjectives. To use the deck you choose one card from each category and then five adjectives. This gives you a starting point for a project. Barbara said that many teachers use the cards. Not that I seem to run out of things I want to print, but I haven’t done a whole lot of books, so this might come in handy at some point. Well and I just liked the idea of it – the possibilities of unexpected combinations and/or things I might not come up with or chose to work with myself.

Three of the categories

Three of the categories – the others are text, structure, layout and technique.


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