Codex 2015


let me just wait here and see if it subsides. fortunately the rain did. the wind kept at it though.

Sunday morning included deluges and high winds, not the best conditions for setting up for a book fair. The event organizers were having an enclosed plastic entry awning set up around the door. Coming from the east, I caught the tail end of the storm, and debated about getting out of my car long enough for there to be a break in the weather, letting me get in to the hall dry.


Craneway Pavillion-o-rama

Not just the weather, but being inside before the doors officially opened was quite the contrast to last time. Still that energy in the room, even though people were in the midst of setting up, not quite the buzz of attendees yet, but not an empty room and what the heck I’m here as an exhibitor with the gang from Iota. Whee!


What was that I read the other day? … We’re all just winging it. Just some are more confident than others.

setting up the Iota table

setting up the Iota table

The rows were oriented the opposite way this time, running parallel to the short side of the building, with also a center aisle running the long way. It sounded like some people had been concerned about the change, but it was nice having things split up a bit more. Room for palate cleansing, so to speak. I found my way back to our table – 167 – where Eric, Judi and Tiana were in the midst of setting up. It didn’t look out of place.


ta-da! (insert fanfare here) Table 167!

That is, the display is really lovely. There’s some really great things happening at our shop. It’s super exciting to be sharing that.

With four of us there we got to take turns behind the table and walking the hall. There is so much neat stuff to see and I wasn’t super systematic about going row by row and so sorta lost track of what I’d seen. It’s all a little overwhelming after a while.

Brooke Holve and her friend Jan Owen are at Table 67

Brooke Holve and her friend Jan Owen are at Table 67

I know I’m not going to see it all, so after a bit I just drifted and let things call me. Color! That grabs my eye. Yeah, I’m easy that way. Another thing is when something exudes the need to be a tactile experience. Not so much of that, partly cause here you never know if it’s OK, if you’re supposed to wear gloves or what. (Yeah, I know. Ask.) Sometimes it was that the artist was already talking about and showing their work to someone else, and that caught my attention.


I’d been a bit worried about it, but I actually quite enjoyed being on the other side of the table as well. Some people cruised by, some stopped, some engaged, others just wanted to look. All types. Yes, please, feel free to look at everything. And yes, look with your hands. It’s OK to touch them, they’re books.


The most (inadvertently) entertaining was the man looking at the Print Poetry who wanted to know if there was one that would be good for Valentine’s Day. Hmn. Not sure, let’s see do any of the poets seem promising, oh where here’s Shelley, and there’s love in the title… well yes, but there’s so many words. And away he went.


I didn’t go on the Sunday last time, as I thought it might be too crowded. I’m not sure how this year compared, the Foundation said there were over 1100 attendees, but it never seemed overwhelming. I’m glad I’ll be going again tomorrow!

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