The casa that we stayed at in Havana was on the Avenida de los Presidentes. The Avenida has a wide park like median with statues honoring Latin American leaders. Pop quiz I failed.

Bolivar's view to the Malecon

Bolivar’s view to the Malecon

Starting on our block and going up hill, away from the ocean:

Simon Bolivar
Venezuelan military and political leader, helped bring numerous Latin American countries to independence from the Spanish Empire. Served as President of Venezuela, Gran Columbia, Bolivia and Peru.
(July 24, 1783 – December 17, 1830)


Eloy Alfaro
President of Ecuador from 1895 to 1901 and from 1906 to 1911.
(June 25, 1842 – January 28, 1912)


Benito Juarez
President of Mexico for five terms
(March 21, 1806 – July 18, 1872)


Omar Torrijos
Military Leader of Panama 1968 to 1981
(February 13, 1929 – July 31, 1981)


Dr. Salvador Allende
President of Chile 1970 to 1973
(June 26, 1908 – September 11, 1973)


At the top of the hill, a large elaborate structure I remembered driving by on our way in from the airport. Neat to get to see it up close during daylight.

Jose Miguel Gomez
Cuban General in the Cuban War of Independence
President of Cuba 1909 – 1913
(July 6, 1858 – June 13, 1921)


Going the other direction was this statue, which I’m not sure what it was meant to represent, but it had an interesting graffiti.


Then, at the Malecon:


Calixto Garcia
Cuban General
(August 4, 1839 – December 11, 1898)

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