Iota at RiskPress Gallery

This month last year, Iota Press and Co-op had a show at the RiskPress Gallery in Sebastopol. A year ago? Just? Already? As with so many things, I’ve been meaning to post these pictures since I took them, but one thing and another haven’t gotten to it. I’m working on the being more timely with posts things, but in a way it is neat to go back and revisit cool things I’ve gotten to be a part of.

The exhibit was a really wonderful convergence of people and the work they had done at Iota. The space was great and everything was displayed really well. We had some fun events during the month, and shared gallery sitting duties. On my stints it was interesting being on the other side, so to speak – seeing how long people spent, how they interacted with the pieces, whether they wanted to chat with me or not.

We have Open Houses at the shop a few times a year, but this was a different level. More focused, and, I hate to say serious, as we (I at least) certainly try to avoid that, but I’m not coming up with a better word. A Show! A Gallery Show! Putting ourselves out there in a different way. And it went quite well.

Alas I have heard that the Gallery is no longer, although I don’t know the details of the demise.

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3 Responses to Iota at RiskPress Gallery

  1. Brian says:

    Bummer to hear the galley closed. I thought it was a nice intimate space.

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