one up


another layer of wood type, this from the misc drawers so puzzle piece fit together, and this will be 1-up, the same on every one (although, of course, that’s not how it goes) but I’m getting ahead of myself again


whack whack to the 8-1/2 x 11 and now I have four times as many oh Yikes! that’s a lot of cards well we are going to a four-day book fair well even if there’s this many people they won’t all want my card but I seem to have run out at least there’s not any more in the tray anyway so even if I don’t use them here they will be some day

P1100175 P1100176

and this time I’ll use one of the platen presses, for the inking, although I haven’t done wood type in one of those and kinda think maybe it’s not the thing for it but it would go so much faster if I weren’t having to breyer each time and so I try. and try. and futz with packing. and adjusting this and that and probably long past when I should have cut my losses. being stubborn is not always a superpower. although get close.


almost good enough. but no it’s not. go back to my friend #2 and yeah as I was afraid of/suspected/thought this is it so back to square one. still with transparent in the ink, actually more this time, and so it only really prints once, not particularly getting a ghost on a second pass but still I do some and then of course since I can play with the orientation of the paper I do


ok not going to get through the whole stack so sort to those that do need another printing, the maybes and then the nos and focus on those that do need more and don’t even get through all them and then oh jeez there’s a whole other stack that I’d kinda forgotten about. well alrighty then.


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4 Responses to one up

  1. katie n says:

    it turned out beautiful, Megan!

  2. judigoldberg says:

    I’m with kate. They are stunning!

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