lays with swords


Go by the paper place, and OK what am I looking for? No texture, that narrows it down. And not too much color. Not white, but not too far from. Narrowed again. The first swatch book he brings out I see one I like right away but then feel like I should look at the other colors and yes there are some other possibilities but end up with the first choice I saw right off the bat. Which actually turned out to be called Sunflower!

P1100148 P1100143

Then ink – something brownish I’m thinking, but maybe a little twist. So the standby cocoa brown, with some metallic copper gold and yellow ochre then with the transparent base since this is going to be background sort of something maybe I still haven’t figured it all out.


Oh maybe I should have gone bigger than 8x10ish to print more than one sheet at a time and have some more options, but this is what I have. It works. Or I’ll make it work. No automatic inking on the proof press OK this probably isn’t the most efficient way to be going about this for how many is it that I’m going to print whatever but I do like to be able to just set the paper on however I want to.

P1100149 P1100150


The variation and now knowing quite what is going to happen and getting those unexpected wonderfulnesses. Like this just so next to that as if I’d planned it. Except I didn’t. Well, not in the micro sense. Not exactly. But prepared for it, yes. Set the stage, so to speak, made it possible. Some times that’s all you have to do. Or is it all you can do?

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