Maia Kobabe

I met Maia in the Printing Poetry Workshop at Iota Press, and we both became members of the Co-op and continued printing. She’s done more poetry, and a wonderful abecedary, among other things. She’s also the one who showed me how to make the single sheet insta-book form that I used for my Addition and Subtraction pieces. At the moment she’s an adjunct (is that the right word?) member as she’s busy working on her MFA in Comics. Who knew there was such a thing? It’s not often, but when I do get to see her it’s super cool to hear about the program, the progress of her story, and see her beautiful drawings. There was a great article about her recently in the Press Democrat, and you can meet and talk with Maia at LumaCON in Petaluma, CA, tomorrow, Jan 17, 2015!

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