Cooperstown Bat Company


Cooperstown Bat Company – intriguing sign next to the ice cream place in the little town we stayed in during WCN’s baseball adventure last summer. Then one of the days there was a rain delay so I was around while they were open and went in and had a look around. It had that great wood smell, and lots of cool stuff to look at. Jake, the bat guy, was running the lathe, and told me about what they do there. Later a group of kids from one of the camps came in for a tour and I listened in on that as well.


It started from a restaurant and shop in Cooperstown. Folks wanted souvenirs, and the family originally bought bats elsewhere, then decided to start making them themselves. The company is now also MLB certified, although it sounded like they hadn’t really gotten in with any players yet. Those superstitious ball players.



The bats are maple, ash or birch. Hickory is too heavy. It takes about 2 minutes on the lathe at 3000 rpm to become a bat. Lots of ins and outs about the weight, or maybe it’s weight to length and depends what level you’re playing at, that all went in one ear and out the other since I don’t really need to know, but apparently they can take out up to an ounce by cupping the end.


Another cool thing was they use the sawdust in a bio-burner for heat. Really neat to see stuff being made too. Yes, that still happens here in the US of A.


more pictures

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