the future is now


That sure sounds like the future, doesn’t it? Heck, 2000 used to sound like a big date milestone, and here we are, 15 years past that. Despite all the Y2K hoopla, the world didn’t end back then in 2000. So where are our jetpacks or personal helicopters or living on the moon or all those things that were supposed to happen in the future? Funny how that goes, things that were predicted or that we think ought to have happened haven’t, and things we never imagined have. Part of what keeps it all interesting!

This year (OK, last year) – 2014 – was the 25th anniversary of the Wall coming down. The Berlin Wall, that would be, and even with the specifier no doubt you’ll still get blank looks from a certain demographic. We were talking about it at work, most of us definitely remembered what a Big Deal it was, but one person was only 2 when it happened so yeah, not so much. Wow! A whole generation that has grown up in a world sans Wall.

And, regardless of the exhortations of the Humphry Slocombe boys, no doubt lots of folks have no idea who Harvey Milk is. (Besides an ice cream flavor. I suppose there are worse things to be thought of as.) His assassination dates to 1978. 11 years before the wall came down. In this case not just time, but geography may play a part. I’m guessing you’re more likely to at least have heard of Harvey Milk if you’re from San Francisco or the Bay Area.

I suppose every generation goes through this – their defining moments and current events becoming history. The turn of the wheel.

Speaking of! WCN turned 13 in December! My nephew is a teenager! That means I’m… 13 years older. Which sure sounds like a chunk of time, and he’s definitely gone through some changes in the last 13 years. Seems like just yesterday he was learning to sit up. But I don’t feel that much older. Another thing probably every generation tells themselves.

Anyway, blame the New Year, arbitrary as the marking of it is, it prompts reflection on the past and resolutions for the future, and musings about the nature of time, not just from me. A friend shared this good read on Your Life in Weeks. Keep in all in perspective!

Happy New Year!

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