Butter Beer Ice Cream


This one has been on the to-try list for a while. It’s a simple flavor that combines two of our most popular flavors, Brown Butter and Stout. I’ve heard the praises of brown butter sung in baking recipes, it never occurred to me to put it in ice cream. Then I saw Mendocino Brewing Company Oatmeal Stout (the recipe calls for oatmeal stout but doesn’t specify) and took it as the sign that it was time to do it.

boil, bubble

boil, bubble

I was a bit worried about burning the butter (there was a warning: careful! brown is good, black is burnt), although 4 tablespoons isn’t going to break the bank. Anyway, I was wondering if maybe the dark pot was a mistake but then it didn’t seem to be doing anything and things always seem to take longer than recipes say they’re going to and then oh yeah there it goes yes it’s brown now OK put the stout and sugar in maybe that was too soon but whatever. Then that gets cooked til reduced by about half, which maybe I went a little long on and I’m not sure did it ever get sticky? Then the rest of the liquids added and make the custard.


I’d be interested to taste theirs. Although, mine might not taste like it’s “supposed to”, but it’s pretty darn good. I’m not sure I’d be able to tell you that there was brown butter in it if I didn’t know (and even that I do know), but it’s a really nice caramelly touch-of-molasses stouty flavor. Yum. Oh might be a good sammich with gingerbread!

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