Harvey Milk and Honey Ice Cream


Apparently Humphry Slocombe was the only place given permission to make official Harvey Milk ice cream for the first official Harvey Milk Day on May 22, 2009 (they note: We would explain who Harvey Milk was, but if you don’t know, then please close this book and kindly return it.*) They decided on a honey base, with graham cracker bits, and figured it would be an annual special, but there was enough request for it to go in to the regular rotation. As you may have guessed, they make their own graham crackers, and there is a recipe. They say they won’t, but I’m sure I’d be judged for using store-bought ones. I did use quality honey from Beekind – SF Bay Spring Wildflower seemed appropriate, and was very tasty. I think this flavor would depend a lot on the honey you used. It was pretty soft, since it also has sugar in it, so the overall content is higher than usual. I wonder why they don’t adjust for that. Hmn, maybe I’ll have to try it with less sugar, since I do prefer a little more body. Or maybe I need to set the freezer colder.

* Milk’s assassination is actually one of the first news/current events topics that I have a recollection of, or at least have some sort of memory of talking about it with my father. (We looked at the newspaper before we could read, it was one of the ways we learned to read.) I don’t recall the details of the discussion, I think the main focus was Dan White’s so-called Twinkie defense. Yes, we knew junk food was bad for you, but to make you do such horrible things? Somehow that didn’t quite seem right.

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