the source of it

I’m not sure now what made me think of it, maybe a stream of water (so many of them these days) where there isn’t usually one, spreading, spreading, from a gutter or drain, and to get across without getting my feet went I had to go toward the source, where it was narrower. This made me think of Bhopal, and doing a report for school, and the thing that sticks in my mind, all these years later, is a comment about how so many people were overtaken while trying to flee the poison gas, running away from the source. In doing this they were moving with the cloud, and would never escape it. If they could go perpendicular to the flow, they might have been able to get out. Or, most against reason, going toward the source might provide escape, as they would (in theory) get upwind of it. Of course as I’m writing that it occurs to me that it would most likely be more concentrated near the source, so it might be difficult to get through to where it was clear.

Anyway, this made me think of interactions, and how some people put out a cloud of negativity or unpleasantness or something that you want to get away from. Which is a great option, but not always possible. It may be someone you have to work with, or that you are in a relationship with. (OK, getting away may still be an option, just might be a little more complicated.) So then if you’re in it, maybe the thing is to not avoid the issue and pull away, but to go toward the source. Maybe you can find the root cause and clear things up or get beyond the problem or provide reassurance that you are on the same side. Learn something, if nothing else. Not that it’s easy, or successful – voice of experience – but just a thought that sometimes what seems like the right way to go isn’t.

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