Open Hand Fluffernutter Ice Cream

or, the boys get us to use a slightly naughty sounding word for peanut butter meets marshmallow “topping”…


Which, of course, they make their own – the marshmallow “topping” that is – and they do have a recipe in the book, which I haven’t tried yet. They say they won’t tell if we buy it at the store, but, as you’ve probably guessed, I scored this at GrocOut. The checker said she’d bought one and put her finger in for a scoop at least once a day. No point dirtying up a spoon.

According to the recipe they get their peanut butter from Project Open Hand, a non-profit whose mission is “to nourish and engage our community by providing meals with love to the sick and the elderly.”

The mix-ins generally seem to be on the accent side, and this one in particularly wasn’t super marshmallow-y (or may have been me not getting it distributed so well), but I’m not sure I’d want more anyway. The peanut butter base was super tasty though, and it was fun to come across a bit of marshmallow here and there.


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