best ever

Thankful for the holiday, and making the time to go in to the shop during the day, which is nice to see Eric and some of the day crew to catch up on news and what projects they are working on and it’s always a different energy depending on who is in the shop and what they are working on and nice as well to have natural light. On to a new thing, although someone says another one, because it’s all the wood type again I suppose, which I do in part since I don’t have as much time and it fills the space (relatively) quickly and plus really I just love the shapes of it all and fitting it together like a puzzle the physicality of it and how it looks but you can’t (easily) send that through the mail and so time to print and I’d set it up on a galley but decide to slide it off to print oh snuggy and it doesn’t go back on so well but I don’t find that out til later and not like I was going to use it again anyway although sometimes you think that (try to) fool yourself and oh the size compared to my paper and yes I did want a bleed but then I have to cover up the other parts and the choosing which part to print I do like this proof press and Eric reminds me of the big roller which yes that’s good for this the Q&A ink lives on but with a bit more blue, Liberty I think it was and some transparent since this is just the background and the roller gives me an excuse to use the word ‘heft’ which I don’t get to very often but is quite lovely and so appropriate here

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