Xanath Ice Cream


I finally made it to the Tour of San Francisco Hills this year. It sounded like a relatively relaxed pace ride, with stops, which seemed like might present the opportunity for ice cream. (Yes, there’s a (small) portion of my brain that’s always on the look out for that.) Patrick had done it before, so I sent him this link to see if there might be something on or close to the route. I’m not sure if he actually looked at it or figured we’d just keep our eyes out.


Rolling through North Beach we spotted a gelato place, which turned out to be a half a block from the coffee stop location. Alas, it was not open yet. Really? There are people who want to eat ice cream before noon. We probably would have had time to find somewhere else that was open, but I ended up consoling myself with a waffle. As we rolled out after the stop we did see a place that was open, about a block and a half away.


Oh, the route goes through the Mission. Humphry Slocombe? Patrick consults his magic widget, no probably too far off course. We see another intriguing looking shop, but no, it’s not open either. A couple blocks later we see Xanath, which is open. After a quarter of a block of debate we decide to stop and go back.


Doesn’t seem that they make their own ice cream, but I’m posting about them since they were open to provide before noon ice cream service! Big points for that!!! The ice cream is Strauss, which is a totally solid offering. There were lots of flavors, and the woman behind the counter seemed willing to let us taste as many as we wanted. I cut myself off after a couple. The shop was small, but sweet, and there were benches outside on the sidewalk. As it was a lovely day we sat there and watched the world go by. Valencia Street is a busy bike route, and it was fun seeing all the different types of bikes and riders.

there were only two of us...

there were only two of us…

I went with Tahitian Vanilla Coconut and Saffron Ginger. (Two separate flavors.) Both creamy and tasty, although if I had to pick just one I’d go with the Saffron Ginger. At first it seemed a little on the subtle side, but as I continued it became just right, if that makes any sense.


The other neat thing that I thought worth posting about was that the store also sells vanilla and saffron! I almost got something but wasn’t really set up to carry it.


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