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Back in the shop after vacation. That coming home feeling, but here life goes on while I’m gone. So what’s changed, what’s new or different, what did I miss while I was away? And what was I working on, anyway?

Get filled in and caught up on the news. Talk a little bit about my trip. Trying to polish the short version. What do I want people to know about? What do people want to hear about?


Anyway, yes, the printing. Envelopes for the Over It cards. After the Words of Color and In the Beginning, which in my head were each a series or group, so I made books out of them, but they really aren’t, that is to say I keep thinking of more so they won’t ever really be finished. Not that anything is. And people might like them but apparently maybe aren’t so interested in a whole book of them so for this go round I’m trying cards.

Who know there were so many sizes of envelopes?! Then even in a size there might be different flap types and other options a so whole new vocabulary to learn. Always something. Got things ordered before I left and so packages waiting for me when I got back. Note to self: don’t go to Post Office on Monday if you don’t have to.


The lock up goes pretty easily, whew I haven’t forgotten everything! This is the first time I’ve printed on envelopes and it turns out to be a little futzy since there’s the overlap seam and so in some places 3 thicknesses and in others only 2 and of course it’s all where I want to print so I have to adjust and it ends up not EXACTLY where I’d put it without the constraints of the matter but so be it. Then there’s the keeping an eye on things since over the course of a run sometimes things creep even though really they shouldn’t but there’s that s word you know.

So crank through the box well most of it anyhow, some came not flat/straight but – plug for envelopes.com – I sent them an e-mail about it and got a prompt response that they’ll be sending replacements for the damaged ones. Oh and you can order samples if you want to be sure before ordering whole packs.


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