that bikini body

Back some time in summer, or when the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition comes out, whenever the heck that is, this cover recreation and other shots with plus size models made the rounds on the intarwebs. The soundbite point was that beauty comes in all sizes. Or maybe the point was to get publicity for the company, which it certainly did get press. Anyway, that’s a great, true message, and yay for more swimwear options for women who aren’t SI Swimsuit Issue size.


I couldn’t help but think of another thing which went around in the ether, I forget if it was “how to deal with so-called fashion” or what the entire thing was or what else was in it, but the one bit that stuck in my head was:

Want a bikini body?
put a bikini on

boom, there you go.
bikini body
(ha, I know is it/it’s not. that. simple. or maybe it is)

anyway, back to my original BUT

Yes, beauty does come in all sizes. (and there’s no accounting for taste.) Those are lovely photos, but that’s STILL not reality. Most of us, regardless of size, do not have professional hair and makeup stylists, aren’t being professionally lit on the beach, nor airbrushed/Photoshopped after the fact. (insert Meghan Trainor lyric here.)

Maybe it’s a step in the “right” direction, to show more diversity of body types,


it’s still about appearance.

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