Chocolate Smoked Salt Ice Cream

even Trader Joe's has it

even Trader Joe’s has it

FUN TIP: Smoked salt is increasingly simple to find.

So the story with this recipe says that Jake like chocolate and salt together – at the movies he gets M&M’s and popcorn and combines them. I haven’t tried that, but I did make the ice cream. Super chocolatey – cocoa powder AND chocolate, and nice touch of caramelizing the sugar. And yes the smoked salt is a nice twist.

Only thing that kept it from being a complete rave was there was something with my technique not getting the chocolate melted or something not quite mixed in, it came out a little speckledy, or maybe something with the ingredients. I don’t think it affected the flavor, maybe a little bit of texture that shouldn’t (?) have been there. But I’d be willing to give it another go. Well, lots of other flavors to try too, but this I’d do a second time sooner rather than later.


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