Corrugated Origami


Unexpected WOW moment at the Book Arts Jam – corrugated origami! Another amazing thing I had no idea that a flat sheet of paper could do. Semi-random fellow hanging out in the hall, folding. Passed by, then some other attendees I saw in the ballroom had a couple of finished pieces, so on the way back by we stopped and watched for a bit. I haven’t YouTubed it yet, but when other people asked about learning to do it it sounds like (like everything these days) that’s a resource.


It was super cool to see it in person though. Another year he’d done a workshop, but wasn’t too keen on being up in front of a standing room only crowd. The casual, few folks at a time in the hallway seemed much more his element. Fascinating how a relatively simple (although lots of repetitions required) procedure can yield such a complex looking structure.


From what I could tell – yet to try it – series of parallel folds the long direction. It can be an even or odd number, that will just affect whether the edges both go the same way or go opposite ways. Then a series of 45 degree folds across the parallel folds. This was what we saw him working on. The blue one was already complete, he said the knuckle is from 90 degree folds. The open up the sheet and coax all your folds into mountains and valleys. When I first saw the completed pieces I thought how does it not just become a crumpled up ball of paper, but once I saw it in progress it made sense. Very cool.


Of course I had to ask, he’d gotten into this by way of conventional origami. Oh, I didn’t ask if he still does any of that. And he’d gotten in to the conventional origami since they’d moved a lot when he was a kid, and paper is much more portable that toys. Ah, the stories. The largest piece he’s ever done was 6 x 42. Feet. Yipes!

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