Rick’s (Rather Rich) Ice Cream

Planning for Sisters’ Weekend on the Peninsula and let’s see what some options are for ice cream are, shall we? Yes I do believe I will. (what would we do without the googles?) I haven’t been to everything on this list, but the ones I have gotten to I’ve liked, so I was willing to follow their recommendations. Since we were already on Middlefield Road, we ended up going to Rick’s.

It’s tucked into a corner strip mall – nothing super fancy, but not completely bland. They had saved us a parking spot right in front of the store! Bonus points. Cute signs and that yummy sweet smell when we opened the doors and walked in. Friendly old school neighborhood ice cream shop(pe) decor, they also have packed containers to go, ice cream cakes, and house made fudge.

LOTS of flavors. Almost too many. But the fellow behind the counter was quite patient and answered all my questions, and I did try a couple of things (they had a little sign to limit yourself to 5 tastes). I ended up going with Sideways – Cabernet with Chocolate Chips and Black Raspberry Swirl, and French Vanilla – cause that’s the real test. Both yummy. The Sideways was different and fun, and the Vanilla was solid. Nothing special, but good creamy straight up vanilla.

There was someone enjoying an ice cream on one of the benches outside when we got there, and a steady stream of folks came through while we were there, both for cones and for the take home containers. Obviously a well known and popular place. I wouldn’t make a special trip just to go there, but was definitely worth a visit while we were in the area. If I lived closer I’d for sure be in to try more of the flavors!

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