Mariposa Ice Creamery


Always on the lookout for ice cream, I was in the Napa Valley for the ALS Ride, and the Googles put me on to Mariposa Ice Creamery in Napa. Driving down Jefferson Street, I was just starting to think perhaps I should double-check the address, when there it was (!), tucked in to a small strip-mallish complex. No parking on the street side and minimal signage parallel to the street, if I hadn’t been looking for it I would have gone right by. I went around to the back to park and for a second thought maybe I’d imagined it, but then saw a sandwich board and the store itself next door to a power equipment shop.


The sign said open, and the door was open, but it definitely felt like going in the back way, which it was, past a freezer and storage. There were no other customers when I got there, and no one at the counter, for a second I wondered if they actually were open. The space may have been a bakery previously, there was a display case that was empty, which gave me an “OH NO” moment, but then there were two freezer cases filled with ice cream and paletas, and a friendly employee came out of a room behind the counter where he had been working to help me.


The paletas (popsicles) looked awesome, with lots of great flavor choices, but I wasn’t going to be distracted from the ice cream. There were about a dozen flavors, I may not have even looked at them all – for once I made an almost instant decision! Coffee Almond and Mexican Vanilla. Good choice, super yummy.

Mexican Vanilla and Coffee Almond!

Mexican Vanilla and Coffee Almond!

I’m not sure what makes it Michoacan style, but I have seen other ice cream places that say they are Michoacan. I guess that Mexican state is famous for its ice cream? Hmn, I’ve been asked if I’m Mexican. Maybe I’m Michoacana.


Anyway, the inside is painted with bright colors and an awesome mural with a waterfall and Monarch butterflies. Mariposa means butterfly! Apparently the Monarchs migrate to Michoacan for the winter. Who knew?


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