Balsamic Caramel Ice Cream


Humphry Slocombe’s answer to Salted Caramel – since everyone’s already done that. Apparently one of their more confusing flavors though, as many people did not realize until they tasted it that there was vinegar involved.

It would definitely be WAY too sweet if not for the vinegar. Perhaps it was the type I used, but it could maybe have even used a splash more. They didn’t recommend any particular type, but this might be worth splurging on some fancy-schmancy balsamic. It’s a great flavor combination. With all the sugar it’s one of the softest ice creams I’ve ever made, verging on almost too soft. And there is the time adder of making the caramel, so although it is quite tasty, I’m not sure I’ll make this one again. At least not right away – there are lots of other flavors to try out!

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