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After a bit of a hiatus back to it and here it is with a chunk of words, something in progress for judi it looks like I’ve seen some other of this about the shop and not sure what else it goes with but yes, the meat and potatoes, or rice and beans as it were, might be, the heart of the matter. Matters of the heart. Mind over matter. Don’t mind. Don’t matter. Over. Heh there’s that too. Over bored. Whole nother tangent. tangent. arc. sine. cosign. codependent.


words are so precise(ly) not what I’m saying sometimes. something. mouth moving sound coming out. some of the stamps are peeling up so I finish that off and peel some paper too the top layer the taking off of things is making in its own way removal a type of creation. recreation. rec. wreckrcreation. wreckless. yes I would like to wreck. less. then a bit of what I’ve got on the press all the ask and say today. oh look it’s flipped itself over now too as to what seems like the bottom. although that’s all relative too. everything looks like up from here. or is it all downhill from here?


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