Pepper and Mint Chip Ice Cream


Bunch of Mint in the Veggie Box of Awesome and oh YES! the Boys have a recipe for that. Which, yes, David has one too, which I’ve made and liked, but this has pepper. Oh I know roll your eyes at hipster foodie nonsense blah blah blah. But they do start out with a rant about the unnatural color of most Mint-Chip ice creams. Which, now that I mention it, is probably the root of my blockage about that flavor. Mint, I like. Chocolate, I like. Neon green as something supposedly edible, not so much.

Then, first instruction: Wash the mint thoroughly, because there might be bugs in it. It comes from dirt.

They crack me up, they do. Big points for that.

and then with the mint "You want mulch."

and then what to do with the mint “You want mulch.”

Then cubeb pepper. Really? It’ll be freshly ground, but just regular black pepper. Oh wait, I do have some Rainbow Peppercorns from Trader Joe’s. There’s your fancy.

I’m still not quite used to their method for making the custard where the sugar goes in with the egg yolks (very thick it is) but I manage and steep overnight with the mint and pepper and strain and into the ice cream maker and then drizzle the melted chocolate in at the end (David’s Stracciatella) and


taste it

and just about cry. In a good way. Lightning bolt. Speechless. All the furniture in my little ice cream flavor world rearranged. If I had a first-born child they would be on their way to Humphry Slocombe right. now. Distinct flavors and more than the sum of the parts and I still almost don’t believe it. I’ve been having a bite at a time. To be sure. It’s. That. Good. one bite is enough.

(and I hate to write all that. ’cause nothing ever is. (That. Good.) I don’t believe the hype.) (oh well)

I’m not sure what flavor to try next. I’m not sure if I’m more afraid that the next one won’t be as good, or that it will be even better.

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