Strawberry Candied Jalapeño Ice Cream


I’ll just let the Humphry Slocombe boys explain this one, “Oh yes we did. Strawberry just got kinky; our Strawberry Candied Jalapeño ice cream redefines sugar and spice. You will submit.”

First impression it was not as spicy as I was expecting from all that. Although I do realize spice is pepper dependent, your mileage may vary. On second thought the subtleness might be a good thing, I can see it getting overwhelmingly jalapeño-y and not so bueno. The base strawberry is always good, so it’s hard to go wrong, really, but not sure I’d make this again. Other flavors to try (or repeat) before a repeat on this. Besides the flavors, there’s something…

Gah! The colors! Flashback to the 80s. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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