Coconut Sorbet


This one was a request, and none of my books had a recipe. Fortunately there’s the googles, which gave me lots of choices, although the few that I did look at seemed fairly similar. Guess there’s not too much you can do with a coconut sorbet. Anyway, I picked this one. Why was it? Partly the pretty pictures (the story is a little dreary) and a bit since it uses maple syrup as the sweetener.

I did question it a bit, since I had two different types of coconut milk in the cupboard, and neither was 14.5 oz can. I ended up using two 13.5 oz cans and it seemed to turn out just fine. And on second thought, after the not so bueno cherry skin experience, I decided to forego the shredded coconut flakes. Maybe because of that it ended up being on the subtle side, but I kinda liked that. As the post said, it’s a bit icy straight from the freezer, but if you wait a bit it’s more creamy.

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