here’s your damn strawberry ice cream

P1040177yes, that’s really what it’s called! (Those Humphry Slocombe guys seem to have a bit of an attitude.) I may have first heard about them when their book came out, and eventually I did get to the shop, which was awesome, but by then I’d sorta forgotten about the book. Anyway, then it (the book, that is) happened to be on the sale rack when I went to the local book store for an event. It felt sorta like I was cheating on David, since I haven’t done everything in his book, and do I really need another ice cream book? but I went ahead and bought it anyway. Almost all different flavors though, so I don’t feel too bad.


The first recipe I’ve tried from their book, and it’s a winner! Apparently they don’t have it in the store, preferring to have various strawberry and something flavors. There is an entertaining story about the time they did make it though. So maybe it’s too simple or basic a flavor, but I really liked it.

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