Gee, Officer Krupke


or, if I’m wasting a perfectly good West Side Story reference, we could just go with Officer What seems to be the problem? or if that bunches up any law enforcement panties there’s always the purely descriptive Coffee and Do(ugh)nuts or Joe and Dough or C&D or is there a 10 code for Coffee Break or heck just call it Coffee Break or does it actually need a cutesy name since I’ll probably never make it again.

Anyway, yes there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for why this happened. See the adopt-a-fruit table at work sometimes has other things looking for new homes, like leftover food from meetings. These particular doughnuts had that train wreck sort of fascination with the brightly colored sprinkles. They made me laugh, in a slightly horrified way.


And it was the tail end of National Ice Cream Month, and when I went by a second time and they were still there it reminded me that I’d put some leftover cake in ice cream before and it had been a good second life, so maybe there was hope for these doughnuts.

Of course what other flavor to put them in but Coffee? And how did that work out? It was nice. Not eyes roll back and close and moan OH YES kinda flavor, which may also have been from some of that expectation thing, but hmn well I can’t quite decide how good it is. spoonful. does it work? spoonful. I think so. spoonful. or maybe it needs a little something else. spoonful. scrape. scrape. Is that the bottom of the container?! 


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