stage is set for TAIKOZ!

stage is set for TAIKOZ!

Awesome concert! The program was a wonderful mix of traditional Japanese pieces and modern works composed by members of the group. It had a nice balance between high energy pieces and more contemplative ones. The group is very technically accomplished, as well as having lovely musicality. The Onikenbai, a dramatic dance from Iwate Prefecture in Japan, was a particular treat. Riley Lee’s shakuhachi playing was also really wonderful.

Although I’ve lived in the area for a while now, and attended Sonoma State University, I don’t recall ever seeing a show in the Evert B. Person Theater before. It’s quite pleasant, with a capacity of 450, I think I saw somewhere. So very nice size, not a bad seat in the house kind of venue. Unfortunately the show did not sell out, but there was a good size crowd that was enthusiastic and appreciative.

If you missed them, or would like to see them again, there is another opportunity tonight – Sunday July 13 – a joint concert with the fantastic Sacramento Taiko Dan, at Sacramento City College.

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