National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum


I’ve never been much of a baseball fan. I did watch some during high school, but that was just because I had a crush on one of the boys who played. Well go figure, now I’m watching baseball for a boy again. This time it’s World’s Cutest Nephew (WCN). I got to see him and the SLO Tigers team play at Cooperstown Dreams earlier this summer.

the first baseball?

the first baseball?

And… since we were there in Cooperstown (well, the Dreams Park is actually in Milford, but they have a bus that goes over to Cooperstown) may as well go to the Hall of Fame. That is, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.



We had a few hours between games, which was about the right amount of time for me. There were areas of the museum I only did a fly by of, but I didn’t feel like I missed out. I wouldn’t make a special trip just to go there, but if I did happen to be in the area I’d probably go again. It’s a very nice museum, and the exhibits are well done. This year is the 75th anniversary.


oh well and there's this

oh well and there’s this

The one slight quibble was at the start they seemed to want you to go in to the theatre to watch a film, The Baseball Experience or some such, which I was expecting a historical type deal of baseball and/or the hall of fame. Instead it was more about the Concept or Idea of baseball I guess you could say in a general pump you up as a fan sort of way. Nothing wrong with that, just not what I was expecting. And then when it finished an auditorium full of people all got dumped out at once, making it very hard to look at the exhibits. After a few minutes of that I went up to the next floor and looked at other things where it was less crowded, eventually coming back when things had cleared out.

Hank Aaron!

Hank Aaron!

The history was cool, and the statistics stuff was fun, although I’m not one of those people who’s going to remember all that stuff. I did learn that there are a few people who have completed an unassisted triple play! There was a great exhibit on Hank Aaron, who sounds like an amazing human being in addition to his talents as a ball player.

Picturing America's Pastime

Picturing America’s Pastime

The parts I enjoyed the most were a special exhibit of photography and an exhibit of the art of baseball. The photographs were by both professional and amateur photographers, and had great informational captions.


The Hall of Fame came towards the end, and I must admit that was one of the things I zoomed through, not knowing the names so much. But it did seem like folks were browsing around in it, finding their favorite players.



I am learning more about the game, and having a bit more appreciation for it, so it was fun to visit the museum. If you find yourself in the Cooperstown area and have the time, I would recommend checking it out.

and of course there's a gift shop

and of course there’s a gift shop

more pictures

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