hard ice cream


After dinner in Orange. This looks promising!

After dinner in Orange. This looks promising!

But wait.

But wait.

Lots of intriguing flavor names, but there wasn’t a posted description list, and, nice as she was, I didn’t feel like making the girl at the counter read all the ones I was interested in. We did ask about Superman, which consists of red, blue and yellow flavors. The exact ones are escaping me at the moment, and Cousin Julie chickened out about finding out what Superman tastes like anyhow.


Then had to know about Muddy Sneakers, one of those that I later realized was probably named to appeal to my nephew’s demographic. It was actually quite tasty – white chocolate base, with caramel swirl, chocolate flakes and some sort of chunks, dense chewy things that weren’t particularly interesting (fortunately there were only a couple) which I would leave out if I were going to recreate the flavor.

and what do they mean by this?

and what do they mean by this?

this was what they meant. This is their smallest size. for $1.50

Stop (below) on the way to Cooperstown. The sign looked promising, but when we went inside the machine was in pieces. (Cue sad music.) They did have a novelty freezer though, and I found a tasty Hershey’s Dulce de Leche Sundae.


Saw this (below) out the bus window on the way to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and had a few minutes after visiting the museum before the return bus trip so went to check it out.




They did have some other things besides regular (what they call hard) ice cream, but didn’t do much in the way of explaining what they were or why I might want them rather than ice cream. So I just went with the old standby. Butter Pecan sounded good, and it was nice and smooth and creamy, although not particularly buttery or pecany. Didn’t get a chance to try any of their other flavors did see if they did better with those. Later I did see at least two other places in town that had ice cream signs, but didn’t get a chance to try them either. So much ice cream, so little time.


Butter Pecan (no so much)

Butter Pecan (no so much)

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