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THIS. This was what was supposed to happen last week. Except that who or whatever decides these things figured I was due for a lesson about that. A reminder that really I don’t know anything or maybe not that I don’t know anything but that sometimes what you may or may not know doesn’t really matter and there’s that thing about what expectation brings and that there really isn’t any supposed tos except sometimes in my mind and so let go and roll with what is. It may not be what you want, but it’s what you got.


Which, this week, was ink up the press and set up and just. like. that. It’s all ready. Really??? Don’t look a gift mouth in the horse. Well OK am I tempting fate is that N a little thin on one side? Oh there aren’t any others and so it is what it is. Then maybe yes a little less packing and away we go.

Little bit of futzing with the alignment is that really centered? and then have a few that are the same width so I can use the same set up and part of me holding my breath not quite believe that it is will does go so smoothly but yes


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