2013 SFR Dart Populaire: Happy Trails

Start at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

Start at the Ferry Building in San Francisco

More of the backlog. Squeezing this one out just before the next edition of the event.

Rolling out!

Rolling out!

One of my Flèche teammates roped me in to doing another team event, the Dart Populaire. OK, maybe recruited would be the word to use. Whatever. He rides tandem with his son, and is in to getting kids on bikes and having fun rides. Several other RandoDads also ride tandem with their kids, the others on the team would be riding with their daughters, so I think there was some aspect of role (roll?) model in asking me along (go ahead and laugh at that, I did.)

Go Giants!

Go Giants!

and the 'Stick

and the ‘Stick

Anyway, fun, something a little different, and OH! there’s going to be ice cream! Gotta keep the kids interested and motivated. Works for me.


break time

break time

watching the planes

watching the planes

I ended up being on the triple with Brian and his son, so we were pretty much a parade on our own, but then there were the three father-daughter tandems, a guest tandem for part of the ride, and a single bike to round out the team. We started at the Ferry Building in San Francisco and rode around the Bay to the collective finish in Berkeley.

Photo 2013-06-11 12.50.07 AM



Most of the course was new to me, which added to the fun factor. We did get some mildly gritty bits headed out of the city, but even that had its own sort of scenicness. Over the course of the day there was plenty of nature too, with lots of neat marsh and wetlands.

marine traffic

oh that’s what the bump in the bridge is for


Being close to the Bay turned out to be an excellent choice, as it was an exceedingly hot day, and teams in other areas had difficulties completing their routes due to the high temperatures. We did struggle a bit with the headwinds on the later part where we headed north, but it could have been worse. All the kids were real troopers the whole day, I was super impressed with all of them.

lunch break

lunch break

oh windy

oh windy






A fun adventure on the bike! We’ll be having another go at it this year, with a different route.







train goes by at Jack London Square

Proud Papa - the next generation signs her brevet card.

Proud Papa – the next generation signs her brevet card.

more pictures

Ride date:  June 8, 2013

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