handed to me


I had several OVER IT phrases set and came in with all intentions of efficient press use, ink it up and bang them all out and I think you can probably see where this is headed. Actually out of the gate I got things lined up smoothly then the print was pretty darn good except then I went and got picky cause one of the Ss was a little spotty since the letter had some low areas. So then back to the case and try another S and then there’s overall height differences and I end up switching the other S, and the A and then what seems like endless dinking around with packing and right probably something with that combination of type faces, one with relatively large/flat areas and the other not so much having different requirements to print nicely why do I do these things make my life difficult but I’m not really thinking about that when I’m setting although maybe I should be (like I need something else to think about) it’s about how it looks or how I think it’s going to look, how I want it to look.

I finally get the impression sorted out whew but then not enough ink and then too much and argh, really? Then YAY it’s looking good on a small bit of paper, but then somehow when I print on the long card (which hangs out the top) it’s not quite as nice. WTF? Something with the press not quite closing up completely or the same way? Well there is space to run the card so it’s all inside the chase when the press closes so I redo the lockup and the gauge pins and if this doesn’t do it then I really am.going.to.SCREAM and maybe I should have just bagged it ages ago but whatever and who knows why, the OVER IT printed fine with the paper sticking out but this one needs to go inside don’t think about it too much and speaking of thinking I thought I had the orientation sorted out but oops printed some on the same side as the OVER IT and then when it is on the opposite side, which was the original plan then which end that is to say which way are they relative to each other which way do you flip the page so the other is right reading and I do like my original way but then maybe the other is better more fun more something and ah well I’ll do some both ways and maybe maybe after all that have twenty good ones and I will have to make up my mind about that orientation before I print the next ones.

is it too late to change my press name?

is it too late to change my press name?

Some sort of cosmic joke I suppose, printonic irony of the words and my experience with them. Definitely how I felt much of the evening. I guess it’s a good reminder to not be to complacent, there’s always things to learn, and no matter how much I know sometimes things just don’t go right, or don’t go the way I’d planned or how I think they should. And to be mindful about when to keep pushing on something, and when to let it go. That maybe these struggles are a reminder that a thing is worth doing, and to make the getting it to come out that much more satisfying. Don’t take anything for granted. or is that granite?

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