over it


funny how when I’m in the midst of a project there seems to be dozens more clamoring for attention and time and “hey what about this?” and SO MUCH TO DO but then once things are wrapped up and put away then it’s surprisingly quiet and gosh what do I do now????

well the recent projects have been on the serious side, somewhat in subject and then by the fact of being poetry broadsides more words than usual and then deadlines and so yes I think it’s time for a bit of levity. back into the trove of wordplay, oh and I’ve actually got a bit of type set up already! sweet!

this time I’ll try individual cards, which may have more of a chance of finding a new home than the whole books seem to have had. oh so then size, and really that means size of envelope. I’m thinking more long and skinny would fit the subject.


found a size but then the website said it’s not USPS mailable. hmn. alrighty then. oh maybe the regular size but the flap on the end for some reason I like that. OK. so cut the paper to single panel, and print, this is going to be the back, the theme as it were. there will be something else on the front, I’ll have to decide how many different ones to do so how many of each.

then I haven’t really given up the idea of the fold-over card. over. yeah, I know. haha. well I’ll have to find out if there are that size envelopes. decide before I print anyway, as it would mean orienting the type the other way.

seems like a big stack, but me and Maisie get to it. use the cocoa brown ink which makes me think of my shop mate who’s out on maternity leave, wonder how she’s doing. and insert the paper, pull down on the lever, repeat and repeat and soon enough the stack has gone from blank to printed. what magic!


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