2013 SFR Old Cazadero 300k

Well this was going to go up as a Throwback Thursday, but then that didn’t seem like quite the right thing (and I didn’t get to doing it) then OOO! Flashback Friday, that’s more like it, but then it didn’t happen then either, so… you can see how months go by before I get to a ride report. One thing and another, and some rides just seem to take longer to process, and then for a while I was hung up on posting in chronological order, which then if one backed up it jammed the whole train.

Anyway, at some point I should probably just let them go, but that’s one of my things. Especially if I took pictures, when I go and look at them again it’s like oh yeah that was a great ride, I should write it up! And maybe having some time between riding and writing makes it easier, since only the highlights stick in my head. Sometimes when I try to write right away everything is so fresh and I want to cram in  allthedetails and it just gets to be too much, another reason they don’t get done. Perhaps 2014 is the year of focus, editing and small single digit wpk.

So this ride is part of the most excellent Adventure Series. Oh, in fact the original ride. One of those ones I’d been interested in doing for a while and then it finally worked out schedule wise. WOOHOO!


Getting set up seems like there ought to be more folks. oh wait start is over at the Bridge Plaza

Sign in, take the SFR oath and roll off over the west side of the bridge.

Still dark so we’re all well lit and reflectorized

Chat here and there with folks I know, I’m toward the front of the group, perhaps a bit of a push but feeling good. Hopefully won’t be hating myself too much for it later.

Wend our way through southern Marin neighborhoods at the night fades to grey. there’s a corner parkway planted with sunflowers we’re in France riding the Tour for a moment! sun coming up on White’s Hill.


Out the San Geronimo Valley and through Nicasio, my bike route home. Different doing it in the morning. ooo! more sunflowers.


Wilson Hill hunters are out, hear yelling. what are they saying? “don’t shoot me” ? the sun is playing peekaboo with clouds


Pick our way through the dairy land of West Marin and into Sonoma County. Right or left? Oh there’s a couple dayglo vests up ahead. Follow them.

Mini donkeys!

First control. Info at the base of another climb. The others are stopped but I know they’ll catch me so I just keep rolling.


More clouds. Will there be a view? YES!

along ridge cool multi-colored house. more sunflowers

Dive off the ridge

Freestone stop or not. (no) Official control is Occidental. Receipt. Some folks there, we’re there for a while. Others roll in and out. Four of us depart together

Down again. Stay on Bohemian not sure if I’ve ever done that

Old Monte Rio around barriers there’s Cherry St

Nice along in here now, must be dank during winter



Old Caz climb I know there’s more but apparently there’s even more than the more than. but it’s beautiful. see 1 car. 1 tractor.



finally to dirt! descent. the others take off, then I pass one with a flat and a second with double flat. it’s not as long of a descent as I remember

Old Caz road hazard

Old Caz road hazard

creek low, take off shoes and socks and wade. wait for flat repairs. listen to story about last year, and the (now ex) wife walking down, complaining about the dirt. sounds like this year is a cleansing ride.



regroup, ride up gravel road, then the curly corkscrew chute e-ticket ride into Caz and after a quick convo decide to go off course to get supplies at the store in town


then head out Fort Ross never been that direction on that road before few more cars than expecting one that accelerated to pass then stopped to turn into driveway right in front of us. thanks. and of course the one that comes by as I’m considering a bio break


but there’s also a mountain lion statue, and a rain of yellow leaves dancing in the breeze around one of my ride companions.

and hot ugh my eyelids are sweating and I smell myself but much of the climb in shade and a cool breeze comes as I get closer to the coast. spots that felt like I was on Skaggs.


roadie on a Specialized comes by on his own ride, we chat for a bit as I’m on my Volagi

I’ve told the others to go on ahead, but they are waiting at top of the climb. I’m simultaneously relieved and annoyed.


We bump along ridge looking out over fog. I’m thinking we’ll be socked in for the rest of the ride but it doesn’t end up that way.


there’s the screaming descent to Highway 1 then we cruise along toward next receipt control in Jenner. My vest jumps out of my pocket but someone rescues it for me. There are already a couple of folks at the control then a few others roll in while we’re there.



what sounds good? some salty chips then impulse buy Baklava at the register

looking at route sheet. I know Willow Creek is next but then what. one of the other riders says “go across bridge go left. go up.” Right. That’s how this route is. Wherever there’s a choice, go up.

off we go and hmn my digestional system is not so happy. not sure if it was the chips of the Baklava. keep making circles.


Willow Creek one of the other riders hangs back and keeps me company on the climb. we stop at the top, I need to get something out of my jersey pocket but there’s too much stuff and all I can seem to find is a crabby fit. oh don’t pull that out. don’t lose it. breathe. do eventually get what I’m after. no fresh legs though.


continue over to Joy and after the road flattens out someone has a flat tire. another group of riders rolls by and after fixing the flat and getting back on the road we meet up at the market in Bodega

I wander around a bit in the store, realizing I’m probably not taking in enough calories but nothing seems appealing. OH! why didn’t I think of this earlier! ginger ale. goes down easy, good for digestion. I ask the woman at the register for an opener, not realizing it’s a twist off cap. even after her pointing that out I still ask if she can do it for me, I’m feeling a bit challenged at the moment. and I do have a bit to eat.

out to Highway one and heading south. hawks.

rollers, not hills. rollers. drop off on climb to Dillon Beach turn off but they’re waiting again.

back to 1. fuzzy cows with big horns. keep up keep up.

late afternoon sun glinting on Tomales Bay


all of us stand on a bit of a rise. may I sit now? yes. may I roll up in a ball on the side of the road and whimper? when we get to Pt. Reyes Station


Marshall Wall to the left. jokes about packing it in and heading home that way

SFR volunteer in Pt. Reyes Station with best.shirt.ever. Alwats nice to have a laugh!

SFR volunteer in Pt. Reyes Station with best.shirt.ever. Great unexpected laugh at this point in the ride!

I drop off again but we’re almost to town. receipt control. soup I’d like soup no soup. OK some food what. seeing soft serve can’t quite pull the trigger on that. bread no can’t quite find the right thing. banana. yes banana. frappacino yes. (debate on then nix energy thing coffee plus who knows what) was thinking I’d put it in my bottle but I have a sip and end up having the whole thing. water. crystallized ginger. something, or the combination has restorative powers, feeling hungry! have some peanuts too. oh getting cold being off the bike.

go to park to use bathroom, see another group of riders. ask how they are doing. there’s a “f*ing awesome” and for another it’s his first brevet and he’s “keeping a positive attitude”


on the road again. twilight. one of our group dropping off. stop and wait, when he catches up he says he just needs to ride his own pace for a bit. we carry on.


silver blue light on the water with a wading heron reflected in the mirror of bolinas lagoon. wow. when he catches up, our errant member says for a while in that light he just stopped chasing.

pretty sure hadn’t been on this stretch of 1 going south past Stinson Beach, even in a car. it’s dark now. I can see lights of cars up higher. that means a climb. ugh. circles. happy thoughts. circles. happy thoughts. info control. and eventually the top.

swooping downhill towards Tam Valley and Oh BUCK! giant one runs across the road right in front of the rider in front of me. somehow there’s no collision. he says later he could feel the back end of the bike starting to lift off from getting on the brakes so hard and the hind legs of the deer were inches or less away. I still woulda been back on the side of the road wiping the poop outta my pants.

and the bike path and Sausalito and the group gets split up by the stop lights. rolling along the water. City lights night skyline. WOW! if I was at home on the couch I wouldn’t hurt like this, but then I wouldn’t be seeing things like that either

one more climb – been saying that all day and finally FINALLY it’s true. the other two get ahead. solo time. nice. except I’m not quite sure how to get to the east sidewalk but I’ll figure it out.

and there it is. the bridge. beautiful beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

it’s my first time riding on the east (after hours) sidewalk. amazingly loud buzzer when the gate opens. I have the sidewalk to myself. with a waning full moon rising over the bay and sparkling city lights spread out before me. one of those moments where I want to be done with the ride and yet it’s so spectacular I don’t want it to end. I’d say I slowed down to savor the view but really I was pretty much just slow at that point. it’s kinda weird to drive to ride to places I can ride to from my house, but there is something magical about finishing at the Bridge.

get off the bike feel like I’m still moving. fill out my card. lovely volunteers are there with snacks. chips. Cup o Noodles. instant mocha. some other finishers as I’m eating. hang out for a bit then off to drive home.

another crazy amazing day on the bike

more pictures

Ride date: August 24, 2013

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